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  • 2016
    • October
      • Family Portraits on the Beach

        Summer has ended and we are enjoying the spectacular show of fall colors here in the Midwest. Our breathtaking vistas, country roads, and sparkling blue waters of Lake Michigan make Harbor Country one of the best fall destinations. [more]Photographing family portraits on the beach, no

    • March
    • January
      • Staymaker Restaurant and Events at The Journeyman Distillery

        Three Oaks own Journeyman Distillery has moved to the next level with the opening of Staymaker Restaurant, offering gourmet food in addition to its artisanal organic spirits. The 125 seat, full service restaurant constructed with repurposed wood, metal ceilings, limestone brick walls, e

  • 2015
    • November
      • Willow Harbor Vineyards Wedding

        Approaching our client’s wedding day by focusing on capturing timeless moments with a natural documentarian approach, allows us to tell a heartfelt story rather than a perfect fairytale. Both Johnny and I feel that one of our greatest strengths is having the ability to capture emotional

    • July
      • Wedding at The Inn at Union Pier

        Elizabeth and Brendon said “i do” at one of Harbor Country’s most charming locations, The Inn at Union Pier. The Inn is located within walking distance to Lake Michigan. This is our favorite beach in harbor country. Nestled between New Buffalo public beach and Warren Dunes State Park,

      • Maine Coastal Wedding

        Sometimes finding the words to introduce images that speak for themselves is near impossible. I am a photographer. I always choose to speak with images and read by looking at the pictures first. I am by no means a sentence writer. How could I ever hope to find the words to match the

    • March
      • Wedding at The International Friendship Garden

        Tia and Darrin’s fairytale wedding was absolutely beautiful in every aspect. Tia was so beautiful and she is just as beautiful on the inside. Darrin was probably one of the friendliest grooms we have ever worked with. It was a pleasure to be a part of their wedding day. We love shari

    • January
      • The Inn at Harbor Shores Wedding

        The Inn at Harbor Shores was the background for Wedding Essentials 2015, winter edition, color palette. The 530-acre Harbor Shores community borders the cities of Benton Harbor, St. Joseph, and Benton Charter Township, including a portion of each. With panoramic views of it’s centerpie

  • 2014
    • December
    • September
      • Another Beautiful Beach Portrait in Union Pier Michigan

        Although summer is coming to an end, our family portraits are still in full swing. It is actually our favorite time of year here in Southwest Michigan. This is our second time photographing the Naughten family. We love having the opportunity to watch their family grown, and look forwa

    • July
      • Children's Portrait in New Buffalo

        Summer is in full swing here in beautiful Southwest Michigan! We are having a busy summer capturing amazing images here in our beautiful corner of the world. We love taking on new clients and having the opportunity to make new friends and create something extraordinary to be cherished

    • May
      • Custom Portrait in Oak Park Illinois

        It’s happening! The first weddings I photographed have produced children to come of age. For nearly 30 years I have been photographing weddings, many of them, especially the early years, my friend’s weddings. What a pleasure it was to be creating iconic imagery for people I may know f

    • March
      • Katie & Jim's Wedding at The Goei Center

        Congratulations Katie and Jim! Long overdue, yes, but this posting comes just as we finalize a beautiful album for the bride and groom. All total, less than six months from wedding day to album completion. Good job Katie and Jim. So while this blog may seem a bit late, our production

  • 2013
    • November
      • US12 Pinup Girls

        At long last! Introducing the 2014 US12 Speed and Custom, pinup calendar. So many of you have been waiting patiently and inquiring to know, when we would have this project completed. Back in July, Tina and I had the opportunity to photograph a flurry of images at break neck speed, culmi

    • September
      • Dave and Brittney's wedding at The Center for Visual and Performing Arts

        One of our favorite weddings of the year, marking a new generation of brides for me. When I started my business, my first clients consisted mostly of friends of friends, that were relatively close to my age. I built my business capitalizing on my personality, and an ability to sell mys

    • August
      • Engagement Portrait at Montrose Harbor

        We are incredibly excited to photograph Michael and Abby's wedding next month at Willow Harbor Vineyards, especially after having the opportunity to meet them in person at their engagement session which took place at Montrose Beach. It's always great to find a bit of solitude

      • Anee & Richard's Wedding at The Chapel at The Morris Estate

        The day couldn't have been more beautiful. Anee and Richard's wedding day. The ceremonies location, was a little slice of heaven, known as The Chapel at The Morris Estate, tucked away amongst a beautiful wooded background in Niles, Michigan. A tree lined street down a count

      • Pinball Themed Engagement Session

        When planning for the engagement session, we need to help our clients to prepare for success. This usually begins at the beginning of our working relationship, the engagement session. The first question that we ask is what do you like to do? What are your hobbies? How do you spend tim

      • Great Gatsby inspired wedding at The Journeyman Distillery

        If you have yet to hear of Three Oaks, located just 70 miles from Chicago in Southwest Michigan, then you must not be paying attention. With live theatrical performances, and top musicians at The Acorn Theater (click here to see more of The Acorn Theater), fine art films at The Vickers

    • January
      • Celebrating at The Drake Hotel

        We recently had the opportunity to be a part of a very special anniversary at The Drake Hotel. The Drake Hotel plays host to some of the finest social events in Chicago. Each fine event is a one of a kind event, whether celebrating a wedding, an anniversary, an engagement, or lif

  • 2012
    • November
      • Mike & Katrina's wedding at Willow Harbor Vineyards

        While Tina and I love every wedding that we are a part of, there are a few each year that we really look forward to for one reason or another, and this was one of them. Part of it was the location- [more]we love photographing at Willow Harbor Vineyards. It is definitely familiar territ

      • New Buffalo Dog Book

        At last! After several years of getting pushed to the back corner, the project created by me, for me, to stimulate further my passion for photography! I present to you "New Buffalo Dogs". Pet photography, and most specifically dog photography, has been with me since my very

    • October
      • Lis & Blake's Wedding at Whittaker Woods

        Blake and Lis promised to love, cherish, and honor each other for the rest of their lives on a gorgeous September day at Whittaker Woods Golf Club in New Buffalo. The ceremony was performed by interfaith minister, Bonnie Corondan from Sacred Ceremonies.[more]

        We love it when

      • The End of summer, as seen from my iphone

        We had a great summer! Probably the best summer we have ever had in Michigan after moving from Chicago 10 years ago. Every summer I come up with a list of everything that I would like to do. The list includes people I would like to visit, people I would like to visit me, places I want

    • September
      • Carla and Nick's Wedding at Willow Harbor Vineyards

        When we first met Carla and Nick, we knew we were in for something. What? We were not quite sure of. Nick, had a sense about him, a sly smile, and a hip demeanor. Nick was very confident, and reminded me of myself (this may have scared me a bit).[more]
        Carla, a radiant beauty, h

      • Stefanie & Steve's wedding at The Blue Dress Barn

        We had the pleasure of photographing Stefanie and Steve's wedding at one of our all time favorite venues, The Blue Dress Barn. It was a gorgeous summer day. Beautiful bridesmaids, handsome groomsman, a stunning bride, and a dashing groom. Who could ask for anything better!

    • August
      • Kim & Mike's wedding at Willow Harbor Vineyards

        It is our goal to capture images that trigger memories for a lifetime. Part of our success as wedding photographers is communicating with our bride and groom before their wedding day. The quality of photography on the day must meet expectation. We strive to create consistently good ph

      • Engagement Portrait on Lake Michigan

        What could be more perfect on a hot summer night than feeling the wind in your hair as a boat speeds you along the coast, searching for the perfect spot to anchor, knowing that even more relief will come when it's time to dip into Lake Michigan. [more]

      • Kristen & Kevin's Wedding in Grand Beach, Michigan

        Congratulations Kristen and Kevin! This summer we had the absolute pleasure of photographing a spectacular event in Grand Beach. Kristen and Kevin (with a little help from mom, of course) put together a celebration focused on natural beauty and family energy, and boy, could you feel it

      • As Time Goes By
        Here we are in the heart of summer with amazing color exploding from flowers blooming and breathtaking sunsets over Lake Michigan. Even though spring was perfect, and sumer is still, I can hardly wait for my favorite season of all. If fall brings anything like the previous months I will agree wit

      • Preparing for a Southwest Michigan wedding

        Mike and Kim are a fabulous couple! Neither one of them have settled for anything. Both waiting for true fire and passion in their heart. And both finding it in each other and celebrating it with pride have planned their nuptials for the vineyards of Southwest Michigan. Willow Harbor

    • July
      • The Dog Days of Summer

        For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting our friend Zeke, Here is a bit of his charm. Harbor Country has been experiencing one of the greatest summers on record, and here our dog Zeke demonstrates a daily requirement; deep hydration! This posting of Zeke is also accomp

      • Katrina and Mike's engagement session

        One of the best parts of being a photographer is getting to know all of our clients and providing them with imagery that will be a part of their family history forever. We photographed Katrina and Mike for their engagement session in Chicago. We started on their rooftop deck where they

      • A dog named Taco, a Dodge Charger, and a secret location in the city.

        We met Lis and Blake at their apartment in Chicago. We immediately headed for the rooftop deck for a photo session with their dog Taco. LOVE to have couples include their pets for portrait sittings. From there, we cruised to a remote location to photograph Lis and Blake with Blake

    • June
      • Family Portrait on the beach

        It's that time of year again. SUMMER! For us that means photographing lots of family portraits. The beach is our most requested background for family portraits. Rolling waves, deep blue sky, lush sea grass, all of this provides a magnificent background. We love to capture famil

      • Willow Harbor Vineyards, and living the dream

        Amazing weather, in fact perhaps the most beautiful spring I can remember, leading into what is developing as a darn near perfect summer! Amazing weather is what we, and the thousand of others like us, pray for through the thick of winter. Amazing weather is also what every bride prays

    • May
      • Engagement Portraits in Chicago

        We were so excited to photograph Nick and Carla's engagement portrait in Chicago. We always recommend to our clients that they do an engagement portrait. This enables us to be comfortable with each other, come wedding day, to get to know a couple's true sense of spirit, and t

    • April
      • Brycen; A true reflection

        We LOVE, I repeat LOVE photographing children! Meet our latest subject, Brycen. Our goal when photographing children is to create beautiful images that are a true reflection of who they are, not just what they look like. Whether working on-location, in the comfort of a child’s home, o

    • March
      • Billie & Michael's Wedding at Willow Harbor Vineyards

        One of our favorite things to hear, “we’re planning a vineyard wedding”.

        Billie and Mike will be married this spring at Willow Harbor Vineyards, in Three Oaks, Michigan, then celebrating their reception at Dewey Cannon Winery, just three doors down from our new studio locati

      • Four Years Winner of Bride’s Choice Award!

        Johnny and I are so grateful! We love being photographers here in southwest Michigan. Not only are we able to photograph beach weddings in our bare feet, vineyard weddings with amazing vistas, and weddings set in charming, historic barns, but also have the privilege to photograph luxury

      • More than just a "baby portrait"

        Johnny and I love to photograph lifestyle portraits, candid portraits, and real moments. We strive to bring a refined sense of composition with a unique and artistic perspective to every image. Documenting the lives of families and their children enables us to become storytellers in peo

    • March
      • Erin Martin chooses Cee Lo on “The Voice”

        Congratulations Erin Martin! WOW! Two chairs turned around!

        We first met Erin Martin in 2008 when we photographed her at a fashion show at The Acorn Theater. After photographing Erin Martin in The Fabulous fashion show at The Acorn Theater, which by the way was a fund rais

    • January
      • Best of Wedding Photography

        And away we go… Already the year is exciting! We have met so many fantastic couples planning their wedding in 2012. And they say the number one reason they call, is the imagery. I guess one image still says a thousand words… [more]

        To See more images f

  • 2011
    • December
      • Sram Part Project: Exhibition and auction at Chicago’s Gallery 1028

        Johnny and I were honored to be a part of the SRAM part PROJECT: A gala part PROJECT exhibition and auction at Chicago’s Gallery 1028.
        Sram challenged prominent artists to create original works of art from bike components.Here’s a box of 100 high-performance bike components. Now mak

      • Real Tradition Continues at The Drake Hotel

        Thanksgiving Day is absolutely one of the most American traditions of all time. At the base of this tradition, is indisputably the food! Perhaps the food itself is not so important, but the meal, and gathering for such, is the focus. Growing up in a family with 5 children, the Thanksg

    • November
      • Stefanie & Steve's Engagement Portrait at The Blue Dress Barn

        Wow! Can you believe that we’re already in November!?! By the look of the trees on my block, it could be the middle of October. We have had some really wonderful opportunities this fall to create dynamic, colorful images. More importantly though, we have encountered so many amazing p

    • October
      • Amy and Mike's Mackinac Island Wedding

        Another dream wedding, “in the can” as they say. Of course, we no longer capture images on film, so we no longer need a canister to contain the film. So I guess to update, we could say, “in the drive”, referring to the hard drive backing up all of the images captured from our digital c

      • A Green, Eco-Friendly Wedding

        Phil and Carrie are two of the most gracious, thoughtful, and kind people, that Johnny and I have ever had the pleasure of working with. WE LOVED every second of being with and photographing them. Carrie is so stunning on both the inside and out, photographing her made our job so easy.

      • Sunrise Engagement Portrait in Chicago

        We had the pleasure of photographing Chris and Abby’s engagement portrait. Luckily, they agreed to a sunrise portrait session, which we absolutely love (OK, I hate sunrise portraits! I never want to get up that early for work! And now we live in Michigan, and Johnny insists that sunri

      • Alex & Sam's Wedding at The Blue Dress Barn

        Congratulations Sam and Alex! Sam and Alex held their ceremony and reception at The Blue Dress Barn, in Millburg MI. Every time that we photograph at this amazing venue, it is a truly unique experience. And this wedding was no exception. It was a beautiful celebration on so many level

    • September
      • Lesley & Sean's Wedding at Camp Madron in Buchanan

        Johnny and I were honored to be a part of such a wonderful celebration of love, between Lesley and Sean, as they exchanged vows in front of family and friends at Camp Madron, located in Buchanan, Michigan. [more]

        The setting was so beautiful. The weather was picture perfect.

      • Karen & Paul's Wedding at Ascension Chapel

        Karen and Paul brought family and friends, to one my favorite places ever, to put to ceremony, the love they had found; which lead to an amazing family adventure. I was first introduced to Augustana College in 1984, visiting friends in attendance. Augustana College is a private, select

      • Sunrise Engagement Portrait in Chicago

        As the days grow shorter, and the sun rises later, it seems easier to maximize our time with the morning light. Sunrise, in my opinion, is absolutely the best light in Chicago. And for a Chicago skyline image, definitely my favorite. Engagement portraits are a great time to slow down,

      • Nichole & CJ's Wedding at The Marina Grand Resort

        CJ & Nicole were married at The Marina Grand Resort in New Buffalo, Michigan. Guests were treated to a rooftop deck, waterfront view of the marina while CJ and Nichole exchanged vows. I love the idea of guests being able to plan a get away weekend around a wedding. [more]The Marin

      • Lisa & Andy's Wedding at The Grove Redfield Estate

        Lisa and Andy hosted their ceremony and reception at The Grove Redfield Estate, in Glenview, Illinois. Immediately upon entering this majestic estate, I felt as if I had been transformed back in time. [more]I found myself thinking, “I wonder what it would be like to live here” surround

    • August
      • Happy Birthday Kimmie!
        Life is too short! and we can never be a child long enough! So here's to you KID! May your life be full of whale rides and chicken fights!!! We love you Kimmie!!!

      • Janet & Conrad's Wedding at Pottawattomie Country Club

        Hmmmm. Where to have your friends and family gather to watch as you exchange vows with the love of your life? Well, if your home is located across the street from Lake Michigan providing a spectacular view, and an amazing backdrop, it’s a no-brainer! And that’s exactly what Conr

      • Events at The Acorn Theater

        To much fun! How can it be that I grew up understanding the value of true professional theater, and spent most of my 20’s ushering at some of the greatest theatres in Chicago, experiencing some of the greatest performances and most amazing opportunities, yet decided to move away from on

      • Angie & Mike's Wedding at Dewey Cannon Winery

        If you’re in the Harbor Country vicinity, most specifically, Three Oaks, you must pay a visit to The Dewey Cannon Winery. The tasting room is commonly open throughout the week and is a perfect fit for the ephemeral charm and ambiance this town has to offer. Angie and Mike exchanged vow

      • Graphic Design

        Yes, we do that too! With a graphic designer in house we can offer you design and printing services. With four years on the team, Elicia offers a fresh perspective. While being photographers, our vision is always focused on creating that perfect image and Elicia’s focus is creating a per

      • Holly & Jack's Wedding at Dewey Cannon Winery

        Holly and Jack, and their “new brood” of 5 combined children, exchanged vows at
        Southwest Michigan’s,Willow Harbor Vineyards. The 40-acre, Tuscan inspired vineyard is a spectacular setting. We love photographing at this venue, ever since our first opportunity. After the ceremony,

      • Annie & Drew's Wisconsin Wedding

        Last month, we gave you sneak peak at Annie and Drew’s wedding. As promised, here are more images from their wedding day.

        Since we photograph so many weddings, our perspective has a plethora of information to draw from, therefore, we find ourselves being overly observant to t

      • James & Tomoko's Wedding at The Union League Club

        We had the pleasure of photographing James and Tomoko’s wedding last month at The Union League Club of Chicago. Keeping in form with tradition, the couple enlisted the expert skills of Joyce Westin Dunne, to be sure the days timeline was kept, and the level of sophistication was above a

    • July
      • Yvette & Angel's Wedding Aboard The Odyssey Cruise Ship

        Better late than never! Yvette and Angel were married in May, and here it is July, and we are just getting to images from their wedding on the blog! We loved photographing Yvette and Angel’s wedding. They are truly one of the greatest clients that we have ever worked with. [more]
      • Kylie & Bryan's Wedding at Millcreek Barn

        I had so much fun photographing Kylie and Bryan’s wedding at Millcreek Barn. A super fun couple totally laid back, and up for anything. Congratulations Kylie & Bryan![more]

        Johnny and I are having a very busy summer, photographing some great weddings, and tons of family p

      • Children's Portraits at Little Princess Treasures

        Another great photo session at Little Princess Treasures in New Buffalo. If you haven’t had a chance to stop in, this so cute boutique is a must! Featured brands include Peace of Cake, Haven Girl, Ruffle Butts, Plum Pudding, Marmalade, Baby Mio and others. Baptism clothes, christening go

      • Stacy & Jeff's Wedding at Long Beach Country Club

        Stacy and Jeff said “I do” at St. Mary of the Lake Church in New Buffalo, Michigan, followed by the reception which was held at Long Beach Country Club. Let me just say that we love photographing couples that want to have fun on their wedding day! Who can resist a trip to the beach wit

      • How I spent my summer vacation

        Tina and I spend most of our time together, most of our lives. Working, playing, celebrating, etc. Therefore, when a close friend calls and asks if I can come visit, getting a blessing from Tina is never the difficulty. A call from Laura Rasmusson seeking to update her amazing image g

      • Amy & Jeff'sWedding at Olympia Fields Country Club

        Growing up in the south suburbs of Chicago and being a member of Olympia Fields Country Club, I could see why anyone would dream of a wedding reception at this traditional, historic country club. OFCC has set the bar for grandeur and sophistication, since its creation in 1915. [more]

      • Happy Birthday Micah

        Happy Birthday Micah! A bit late I know, but as the saying goes, better later than never. These images were taken a day after Micah was born. Micah and his sister Jade are very special to both Johnny and me. We have watched them grow through the years and become loving, unique,

    • June
      • Wedding on the farm, Albany Wisconsin

        I can’t believe we really did it. We have been thinking of this wedding and dreaming of the amazing images that could present themselves. And sure enough we did it! I am honored to present the first teasing moments of what is sure to be an amazing plethora of images, to cherish

      • Maternity Portrait

        When Caroline emailed us last week and asked us if we would photograph a maternity portrait for her we were thrilled. Sitting at my desk reading emails, I said to Johnny, “ hey Johnny, do you want to photograph a maternity portrait for a past client this weekend?” His reply… yea. When

      • Matt & Kim's Wedding at Cloister in the Woods

        A pretty bride. A handsome groom. A beautiful summer day. A family that truly loves each other. Couldn’t ask for anything more. A photographer’s dream… [more]

      • Sunset Portrait in Harbor Country

        Children can be one of the most difficult subjects for a photographer, but they are also blessed to be one of the favorite subjects for photographers as well. How can they be difficult and a favorite too? I think the difficult part is obvious. Any child, newborn to at least 5 years ol

      • Family Portrait in New Buffalo

        We love having the opportunity to photograph family portraits on the beach, in our client’s home, or in this case, a simple backyard will do! [more]

    • May
      • Engagement Portrait at Wrigley Field

        Congratulations Tia and Darrin! Where else do newly engaged, die-hard Cubs baseball fans go to have their engagement portrait taken? Wrigley Field but of course.
        I have to say that I was in absolute awe being on the field. What makes Wrigley Field, also known as The Friendly Conf

      • Greek Orthodox Baby Baptism

        Johnny and I recently had the opportunity to photograph a newborn’s baptism, a Greek orthodox baby baptism, to be specific. One of the things that we love about being photographers, is the chance to experience new and interesting situations. I had never photographed a “Greek Orthodox”

      • Timeless Wedding Photography

        Hilary and Mark are very laid back people and wanted their wedding to be spontaneous with very little poised shots. As beautiful as they both are, we recognized that their wedding day has meaning far beyond just looking good in fancy clothes. They wanted powerful images that bring back

      • Children's Portraits at Little Princess Treasures

        We recently had the opportunity to create amazing children and infant portraits at a new children’s clothing boutique, Little Princess Treasures, located in New Buffalo, Michigan. The owner, Kim Miller, wanted to create something special for her customers. Kim chose to rely on borterwa

      • Family Portrait in NW Indiana

        We love creating classic family portraits, as well as unconventional and imaginative imagery. When Andrew came to us, he had no idea what would eventually unfold. Andrew had wanted a simple family portrait. He knew an extended amount of the family would be gathering, and thought to su

      • SOFA New York 2011 at The Park Avenue Armory

        We were recently honored to once again be the official photographers for SOFA New York, held at The Park Avenue Armory. This is an amazing opportunity to be engulfed by passionate artists, their art, their patrons, their families, their representatives, and of course the facilitators o

      • Mother's Day is Sunday!

    • April
      • Award Winning Photography!

        As wedding photographers, to celebrate and compliment the diversity within our clients, we seek unique perspective, to express their individuality. It is one thing to be presented with diversity, it is another thing to create diverse presentation. Here are samplings of many different

      • Dave & Majica's Wedding at Apollo's 2000

        Dave and Majica said I do at Chicago’s landmark theater, Apollo’s 2000. Located on the southwest side of Chicago, this historic treasure was the perfect venue for this awesome, unique, artistic, and overall cool couple! [more]

        One of the things that we love most about our ca

      • The Acorn Theater in Three Oaks Michigan

        One of our favorite venues to photograph at, is the ever so enchanting, Acorn Theater, which happens to be within walking distance of our house! Located in the Southwest corner of Michigan, the Acorn Theater, is in Three Oaks, about 90 minutes from Chicago. This ever so intimate, rich i

    • March
      • Wedding Ceremony at The Ambassador East Hotel, Chicago

        There is nothing like that traditional moment exiting the ceremony. In movies, often times, a director will show merely a glimpse of a wedding, always including the exit of the ceremony. What more iconic image from a wedding is there? And is it because the directors of film have mad

      • Children's Portraits

        As the sun beats through my window in my office, warming me and giving me the sense that I may need a nap, I begin to peruse our archive of images. Nothing seems more tranquil and peaceful to me than finding myself engulfed in our children’s portraits. I could sit and admire the beauty

      • St. Patrick's Day in Chicago

      • Springtime

        The cold weather has only started to relinquish its hold on us here in the Midwest. I have to say that March is not my favorite month of the year. With taxes coming due, and the promise of rebirth and renewal that spring brings, only to be dampened by overcast days, wind, and SNOW… Ug

    • March
      • Portraits at Skip's Restaurant

        For as long as I’ve known Johnny we’ve celebrated most of our holidays with cameras in hand. This past Valentine’s Day was no exception. With that said, how else would a pair of portrait/event photographers celebrate this day… by photographing couples of course! This year we were thril

      • Nicole & Alberto's Wedding at Carnivale

        Nicole and Alberto were married at St. James Lutheran Church. Nicole was a gorgeous bride, and so sweet. Alberto, so fits the tall dark and handsome mold. Together, they make an awesome couple. One of the highlights of their wedding, other than saying “I do” of course, was host

      • Dorothy & Daniel's Wedding at Soe Cafe

        As wedding photographers, we photograph all sizes and shapes of weddings. Some request formal portraits on a backdrop, some request no formal portraits with a heavy emphasis on photo journalistic images, “just document my day”, and some simply say “make some beautiful art”. [more]

      • Baby Portraits

        We love photographing babies! Love the way the light plays off of their skin when cast just right. We could light a baby a thousand different ways, finding each one to be more beautiful than the last. In this instance, we choose very open, very broad, very soft light, which gives a he

      • Kelly & Jon's Wedding at County Line Orchard

        Here are some of our favorite images from Kelly and Jon's wedding, which was held at County Line Orchard. We met Kelly and Jon at The Lakeshore Wedding Walk last fall. There are times when we meet with newly engaged couples and immediately click. [more]This was certainly one of t

      • Lynette & Kevin's Wedding at The Swissotel, Chicago

        Why have a wedding on New Years Eve? Why not!?! Kevin and Lynette were married prior to New Years Eve at Old St. Pats Church. Instead of having their reception directly after the ceremony, they decided to wait and celebrate with a New Years Eve party at The Swiss Hotel in Chicago. Th

      • Creating Lasting Memories

        Hello! 2011 is starting out to be a great year for us. One of my goals for 2011 is to be a better blogger. There are so many gorgeous baby portraits, weddings, engagement portraits, and other life milestones that sit sleeping on hard drives never before seen. We put our heart into eve

    • January
  • 2010
    • December
      • Megan & Justin's Wedding at Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza

        The holidays are here! I hope everyone isn’t to terribly stressed. I decided to treat myself to a spa facial this week at Evolve Spa in New Buffalo. Let me tell you, it was the most relaxing facial I have ever had. The spa is so fabulous that I’m shouting it from the top of my lungs

      • In Studio Baby Portrait

        Busy! That seems to describe the mindset of everyone these days. Time sure does get away from us. Anyone with children, can attest to this. One day your oohing and aahing over your adorable baby as they sleep, soon grunts, coos and cries occur, followed by crawling, walking, and sudde

      • Jamjuree & Andy's Wedding at The Ivy Room at Tree Studios

        Andy and Jamjuree were married this fall at The Ivy Room at Tree Studios. Judge Lambert Tree built the Tree Studios in stages between 1894 and 1913. The courtyard where the ceremony was held, sits between the State Street shops and the Magnificent Medinah Temple. [more]If you’re famil

      • The Zygmunt Family Portrait

        As the holiday season rapidly approaches, we find ourselves busy with holiday parties, shopping, addressing holiday cards, and all of the peripherals that go along with the season. I love this time of year! Add the fact that we had snow on the ground today and it's still snowing,

    • November
      • Thanksgiving at The Drake

        We have the opportunity to photograph many things in our career as photographers. We feel so fortunate to have been able to be at The Drake Hotel in Chicago for Thanksgiving this year. If you have ever been to The Drake Hotel, you know, it is truly magnificent in all its splendor. The ri

      • Kristen & Jeff's Wedding at Oak Brook Hills Marriott

        Best wishes to the awesome, super fun, and so cool couple, Kristen and Jeff! This wedding was an absolute blast! Kristen and Jeff spent a long time planning their wedding, but when it came to wedding day, Kristen decided that she was going to let everything go, and just have fun! The

      • Echo Hawk Farm and What Makes a Great Image?

        As you can imagine, Johnny and I have few free weekends. Most of our weekends are spent photographing weddings, family portraits, reunions, and other mile markers in people’s lives. It’s a bit of a bummer to think of all the family get-togethers, holidays, weddings, etc. that we

      • Beach Portraits

        We love photographing portraits on the beach! We have had an awesome Indian summer here in the midwest. As the weather turns cooler, we are photographing less portraits on location and more in the studio. Keep in mind that there is still time to have portraits created for holiday card

      • Portraits available in studio or on location

      • Lakeside Family Portrait

        Growing up in the south suburbs of Chicago, I thought I had it pretty good. I grew up in a small town where the houses were on fairly large lots and the people made all the difference. The education provided through high school was first rate, and that meant a lot to my parents. And I

    • October
      • All about Johnny Borter

        Check out a couple of images that I snapped at a recent wedding, photographed in Chicago. We had a super fun bride and groom, Megan and Justin, who were up for anything when it came to having great images. Blog images to follow shortly! The images reminded me that we are obviously mis

      • Corinne & Jae's Wedding at Millcreek Barns

        Let me start by saying that I love our clients! I am a true believer that "like attracts like". When we initially meet with a prospective client, we make it clear to them, that whether they hire us or not, make sure that you vibe with your photographer. We spend more time wi

      • Family Time in Union Pier

        Meet the bergquist family. We love having the opportunity to hang out on the beach doing one of our favorite things in life... Taking pictures! We photograph many families who are visiting, mostly from Chicago, every year. This photo session was taken at the beach in Union Pier, Mich

    • September
      • Dee & Joe's Wedding at Grand Beach Village Hall

        Check out Dee & Joe’s fabulous wedding in Grand Beach, Michigan! When we met with Dee and Joe, we instantly clicked. One of the reasons why, is that we had so much in common. Dee hails from my Alma matter, Columbia College Chicago, where she will be graduating this fall with a Mas

      • The Weinstein Family

        Meet the Weinstein family. This photo session was such a blast! Everything about this day screamed SUMMER. Tina and I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding career. Having the chance to meet new people and experience the dynamics of family relationships on special occasions, very cool. [

      • Leanne & Andy at The Blue Dress Barn

        Congratulations to Leanne and Andy who were married at The Blue Dress Barn. We had a great time hanging with Leanne and Andy, they’re both so much fun and always up for anything. Also, the members of their bridal party were such great sports! One of Johhny’s signature images is to hav

      • Maggie At New Buffalo Beach

        A big thanks to Amy and Phil for allowing us to photograph their daughter, Maggie. It was a super hot day and Maggie was a real trooper. Amy and Phil were married last fall in beautiful southwest Michigan. Although they are Chicago residents, they truly appreciate all that we have to

    • August
      • Kristyn & Scott's Wedding at Millcreek Barns

        Wow! Where has the summer gone? It’s already feeling like we are on the down slide of summer. I was looking at the blog the other day and commented to Johnny, “it looks like we have hardly been working at all this summer.” When in fact, this has been a way busy summer for us. [more]

      • 14 Grandchildren, A Birthday Party, and Jenna Mammina

        What do 14 grandchildren; a birthday party; and Jenna Mammina, have in common? Let me explain. Let’s start with Jenna Mammina, a fabulous vocal artist who resides in California, and has roots in Michigan. Every year Jenna performs at several venues in our Michigan area. In this parti

      • Bridal Tea at The Drake Hotel

        We recently participated in a bridal tea at The Drake Hotel's luxurious Palm Court Tea Room and lounge.
        The latest trends in wedding gowns were on display from designer Bryan K Osburn. Chicago's top bridal professionals were also on hand showcasing stunning wedding inspira

    • July
      • Beautiful Women

        Last week I was in Tampa visiting the Tampa Museum of Art with my mother. The museum just re-opened this year, after relocating, and is an absolutely beautiful space. A must see if your in the area. Gary Winogrand had a body of work hanging, which included 85 photographs, entitled Wom

      • One Way Or Another or On A Clear Day You Can See Chicago

        Yes, it is true, on a clear day, you can see the Chicago skyline from the shores of Southwest Michigan. Of course a telephoto lens is required to really see the city well. Here in this image, we used an ultra wide angle lens to capture the bride and groom, at just the right time. [more]T

      • Classic Black & White Photography

        One of the greatest challanges we face as photographers when trying to capture the truest image possible, is dynamic range. What is dynamic range? You may ask. Simply put, dynamic range is the range of color, or density, that our camera can capture in one burst. [more]This is especially

      • Lazy Days in Harbor Country!

      • Print Sale

    • June
      • Engagement au Natural

      • Fathers Day at The Drake

        Another fantastic traditional brunch at The Drake. For Fathers Day; meat, potatoes, and whiskey. Need I say more? [more]

        Of course, I must say more... Also in attendance were BKS Custom Clothiers. Brenda Swauger proudly displayed some of the most luxur

      • Travis & Carrie's Wedding at The Lakeside Inn

        Travis and Carrie were married at The Lakeside Inn in Lakeside, Michigan. Congratulations!

        The historic Lakeside Inn, sits atop of a bluff, and features a majestic 100-foot long front porch lined with rocking chairs, and surrounded by trees. A stone fireplace, garden pond, a

      • Family on the beach

        Summer is here! I love summer, live for summer, wish winter would never come again. We do tons of family portraits during the summer. Luckily, our studio in New Buffalo is walking distance to the Lake. No matter how many times we photograph a portrait with the Lake as our background

      • Portraits that ROCK!

        Recently I had the opportunity to create some images of an amazingly talented, professional woman. whom I admire greatly. This portrait session, as with all the good ones, had incredible team dynamic. Mel was not only the amazing subject, but also put her talent to work as the masterfu

    • May
      • Presentation Matters, Wedding at The Great Hall at Chicago Union Station

        Hello world, it’s a bright, beautiful, sunshiny day! I love the spring and all it brings and all it stands for. This week we took some time to paint the studio and boy do I love it! I don’t know how we found the time, but my mother was in town, and nobody helps drive a project home bette

      • SOFA New York 2010

        Tina and I were thrilled to have been a part of SOFA NEW YORK 2010, which is held at The Park Avenue Armory. For those of you who don’t already know, SOFA is one of the world’s premier art fairs, containing sculpture objects, and functional art. The SOFA show is held annually in three l

    • April
      • Heidi & Michael's Wedding at The Rincon Beach Club

        We’ve had a very busy April. We traveled to both Florida and New York, for work, taking some time off to visit with family and friends in Florida. It was great to be able to jump-start our tan in Florida while waiting for spring to arrive here in the Midwest. While in Florida we staye

      • Fabulous Florida Engagement

        Johnny and I recently traveled to Florida to photograph Michelle and Josef’s engagement party. The celebration was held at Paradisio Ristorante in Lake Worth. Michelle and Josef will be married in June in Italy. The theme of the party was most definitely Italy! The Prosecco wine flow

      • Valerie & Tomas's Wedding at The Acorn Theater

        Valerie and Tomas were married at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Three Oaks, Michigan. I love photographing weddings at St. Mary’s, as it was the church my grandmother attended for over 70 years. It was a small ceremony attended by immediate family only. Then, off to The Acorn Theatre for

      • Easter at The Drake!

        Easter is one of those holidays commemorated by family traditions, one of those traditions is the perennial Easter brunch. Growing up in Chicagoland, one of the icons of the skyline has always been, The Drake Hotel, hence their latest tag line "Real Chicago". At The Drake Hotel

    • March
      • At Last... Bridal Portrait at The Acorn Theater!

        This is Valerie's bridal portrait that we teased you with a couple of weeks ago. We photographed the wedding at The Acorn Theatre, which is where we had the good fortune to photograph the bridal portrait as well. There were far to many images to choose from and Johnny and I have be

      • At Home With A Newborn

        Photographing newborn children can be accomplished in many ways. We enjoy the comfort of the child's home, as it enables the child to interact in a very real and natural way. This also helps to create the most positive experience possible. No props are needed, as the home has everyt

      • Mother's Day, Coming Soon!

      • Upcoming Wedding

        We are gearing up for tomorrow’s wedding, which will be held at The Acorn Theater. The reason that we are so excited is that it promises to be a totally unique, vaudeville-burlesque style wedding. Also, it’s in our hometown, Three Oaks Michigan, 2 blocks from our home. How cool is that!

      • Oscars At The Drake Hotel

        Last Sunday, we photographed an “Oscar Party” hosted by The Drake Hotel in Chicago. What a blast! All of the Chicago fashion set, ultra chic, came out for the event. The atmosphere of The Drake can be summed up in to two words “real Chicago”. The Drake opened their doors in 1920. A

      • You've Come A Long Way Baby...

        What to blog about… I’ve been striving to post a new blog every week. The next blog on the agenda was going to be a couple of gorgeous images of a bridal portrait that we photographed at The Acorn Theatre; however, after consulting with the bride, we thought it would be best to hold of

      • Welcome Addison To The World!

        I had the pleasure of photographing my niece, Addison Wagner, last week. She was eleven hours old when these images were taken. LOVE, I repeat, LOVE, photographing babies! I think babies are so amazing. To watch their curiosity and wonder towards the world is incredible. To know that I w

    • March
      • Chicago Winter Engagement Session

        Brrrrrrrr! Any of you that have been along Chicago's lake shore in the winter, know why they call it the windy city! Engagement photos are usually done at the location of the couples choice. For this session, Kristen and Jeff, made the call. I love working in the rare enviornment, a

      • Custom Designed Cards
        Due to popular demand we are now creating templates for, save the date and baby announcement cards. We also provide custom designs by request. Please contact us for your needs.

        Flat Cards:



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      • Florida Beach, With The Brauns

        January is traditionally one of the slowest months in the mid-west, for just about everything. The winter cold has been upon us for a couple of long months, and people start to hibernate, and dream of warmer climates. We too would tend to follow this trend. So this year, we have decided

      • Winner of Bride's Choice Award!
        Check us out on WeddingWire

      • Chris & Sara's Wedding at The Harbor Grand Hotel

        At last! Our fabulous New Years Eve couple. Sara and Chris were married December 31st, 2009 in New Buffalo Michigan. The ceremony was held at the proverbial St. Mary's of the Lake. The reception was held at The Harbor Grand Hotel. Sara and I both had hoped for blizzard like snow fal

      • Valentine's Day

    • January
      • First Born Free

        Tina and I understand that weddings are the first step towards creating a family. It is not just a moment in time, unrelated to the future, it is the first step, to a new life. The next most obvious step is giving birth to your next family member. It is for this reason that with every we

      • Oh What Fun!

        A family portrait on Christmas Eve? No problem! Actually, it's the best time for a family portrait. We photograph many family portraits around the holidays. Other than a wedding, it's the most common time for a family to get together. In this portrait, we worked at the hom

  • 2009
    • December
      • Corinne & Jae's Fall Engagement Session, in Lincoln Park

        Here we are coming to the end of another year. Sadly to say, I have not been able to post all of the fabulous weddings, engagement portraits, family portraits, etc. that we have photographed this year. If your one of our clients and I have not posted your event, please don’t be offende

      • Jenny & Matt's Wedding at Germania Place

        On October 31, we gave you a first look at this fantastic wedding. Jenny and Matt were married at Old St. Mary’s Church on S. Michigan Avenue. Prior to the ceremony, preparations began at The Ambassador East Hotel. After the ceremony, we made a quick stop at Museum Park (this was the par

      • Julie & Brian's Amazing Fall Wedding at Millcreek Barn

        Julie and Brian were married on October 16, at the Millcreek Barns. They both prepped at the Boulevard Inn, then off to the barn for the remainder of the day. Both Tina and I were in attendance, with Tina on the early shift and me on the late. Shelbey was our assistant. I arrived just as

      • Classic Chicago Wedding

        Check out this recently photographed classic Chicago stye wedding! The ceremony was held at Old St. Pats, the second oldest parish in Chicago, having survived the Chicago fire of 1871. This church was renovated in 1996, and has the distinction of being the oldest public building in Chica

      • Family Portrait

        What could be more meaningful than a family portrait? As I look around my home, my most precious and valuable items are my photos. If I came home to smoke coming out of my house, the first thing I’m going to grab (well second thing next to my pets) are my photos. I have literally do

    • November
      • Engagement Portrait on The Beach

        Check out one of our latest engagement portraits. We love to photograph our clients in an environment of their choice. Andy and Leanne love hanging out on the beach with their dog. They brought along a football to go along with a wardrobe change that meant something to them. [more]Common

      • Union Pier Beach Wedding

        We love beach weddings! Any chance that we get to go barefoot, well what can I say. Johnny photographed this wedding with our A#1 assistant, Shelby at Pine Garth Inn. Johnny was totally excited for this wedding for more than one reason. One reason, as I have mentioned was that he wore sa

      • Holiday Reprint Deadline

      • Brian & Julie Engaged!

        We photographed Brian and Julie at the beach in New Buffalo late fall, and have already photographed their wedding! I'm falling behind in my blogging, but I LOVE these images, so I just couldn't let them slip away. When we first met with Brian and Julie, we immediately new th

      • New Buffalo Beach Wedding

        Sometimes simple is better. Case in point… Tom & Michelle were married on the beach in New Buffalo. The only guests were two witnesses, and our photography team of course. New Buffalo’s mayor, Rusty Geisler, performed the ceremony. New Buffalo’s summers are always exceptional, and

    • October
      • Another Fantastic Bride

        Unbelievable light at the Ambassador East, then St. Marys on South Michigan, with the reception at Germania Place. Here is the first taste...more to come!

      • Dennis & Alison's Wedding at The Blue Dress Barn

        Check out a few pics of Alison and Dennis’ wedding. We started at The Boulevard Inn with the girls getting ready, made a stop at the bride’s house, then off to the church with the reception following at The Blue Dress Barn. [more]

        When Tina and I think of a wedding, we think

    • September
      • Amy & Phil's Wedding at Willow Harbor Vineyards

        Check out this amazing wedding that we photographed at Willow Harbor Vineyards located in Three Oaks Michigan. The vineyard is located on 40 acres of the most gorgeous landscape in southwest Michigan. Tuscany fountain, European gazebo, French pergolas, polo barn, and vineyards included.

      • Calling all Seniors!

        Our second annual senior party will be held at the New Buffalo Community Youth Center, 219 W Madison Ave. (behind Golds Gym), this Saturday, September 12th. Not a senior? No problem! We would love for all friends and family to be a part of this celebration! Please feel free to co

      • Details

        Love your details! Our philosophy is that anything that the bride and groom have invested time or money in, is an absolute must that we photograph. With that philosophy in mind, we never want any of our images to appear ordinary, we want to take every image that we capture and turn it

      • Sunset?

        We prefer to photograph at sunset. There is nothing better than a gorgeous, glowing, fiery sunset with oranges, yellows, purple and blues setting over Lake Michigan. The best time to photograph a subject is when they can look at the sun without squinting. Squinting is not attractive, in

    • August
      • Christian Louboutin Shoes

        Aaaaaaaah French luxury at its best. Check out these Christian Louboutin shoes. Totally fabulous. When it comes to your wedding day, make sure to splurge on AT LEAST one thing. Something you would never buy for yourself under any normal circumstances. Remember that your wedding day is a

      • The Dance Floor, Wedding at University Club Chicago

        Let’s all be honest, the dance floor is commonly the favorite place of all weddings. How many weddings have you been to where you can’t wait to get through the day, finish your meal and start the party on the dance floor? Oh yes, the entire day is very important, and certainly the ceremo

      • My Cousin Austin

        If any of you know me well, you know that I am a huge family person. I have tons of cousins. I have cousins that I am just getting to know, cousins that are more like brothers and sister to me, and cousins that I have never met. [more]

        My cousin Austin will be a senior this

    • July
      • Natalie & Bob's Wedding at Millcreek Barns

        A wedding reception in a barn? That’s right! An historically rich, meticulously restored, slice of charm. This idea is not all together new to us, as we have photographed events in barns in the past. But it is an idea whose time has come. Our good friends, Amy and Kirby Briske, think so

    • June
      • Caitlin, and Ryan. Engaged!

        Summer has officially arrived! We have really booked up for the summer, and fall this year, and are starting to see the early birds book for 2010! Here is a taste of an engagement portrait captured in May. Caitlin and Ryan are planning an August wedding, in Baroda. [more]The wedding rece

      • Dave and Cathy, Married!

        So we are off and running into June. May seemed to be one of the longest and most challenging months on record for us. One of the highlights was Johnny's opportunity to stay on a really cool ranch in California. See the earlier blog of Laura on Mother's Day. Another highlight w

    • May
    • April
      • Art Attack

        Art Attack takes place every year the first weekend in May. The weekend long event is sponsored by Local Color Gallery. It’s a blast! Many of the local businesses open their doors for gallery receptions, wine tastings, music, theatre, workshops and demonstrations. [more]

      • Summer!
        Just trying to encourage the season!

      • Calling All Dogs

        Oh what fun we are having! Here are a few recent subjects for our book "New Buffalo Dogs" [more]

      • Family Planning...

    • March
      • Cathy & Dave

        Oh my, Cathy and Dave’s wedding is less than a month away. Better get the engagement photos up before their wedding. We totally loved spending the time together. We photographed Cathy & Dave at North Avenue Beach and used the bridge over Lake Shore Drive to Lincoln Park. We don’t

      • Wedding Essentials “Harvest Chic”

        Well, if I’m going to post “Lake Effect”, I must post “Harvest Chic” which was featured in the fall issue of Wedding Essentials. This shoot was an absolute blast! We had our team out in full force with a little help from James Balodimas, and Ro

      • Wedding Essentials “Lake Effect”

        We have recently received the spring issue of Wedding Essentials magazine The magazine is featuring a gorgeous “Lake Effect” spread that, with the exception of the food, we photographed on a freezing cold day! [more]

      • More Mel

        Here is another headshot that we were lucky enough to have Melanie on board for. This is our friend and business associate Bonnie Corondon. Bonnie is an ordained minister and performs ceremonies, which include weddings, unions, blessings, etc. Bonnie wanted a fresh new look to promot

      • Melanie Hart

        Sometimes I don’t know how we get so lucky! Case in point, Melanie Hart. We met through mutual friends and have been working with her ever since. Melanie, formerly with Yves Saint Laurent, is one of the best makeup artists we have ever worked with. [more] Check out her new make

      • Camille Luther

        Camille! What a beauty! My hairstylist, Lisa Davis, asked if we would photograph her niece, Camille. Oh boy, just what we love to do! So we put together our team, which included make up artist Melanie Hart, more on Melanie in a minute. We started with what we like to call, the Mylie

      • The Other Side Show at The Acorn Theater

        Tina and I volunteer every year for The Other Side Show, which is held at the Acorn Theatre in Three Oaks Michigan
        This year we were greeting guests as they enter. Last year, I performed as master of ceremonies.
      • SOLD!!

        Another of my images from my polchromasia series SOLD!! I am so excited. Marta, the ultra chic interior designer and owner of Le Panache, SOLD my image to one of her clients in Chicago. Johnny and I delivered the 3’x4’ print in person. It looked fantastic! Can’t wait until it is fram

      • Original design

        Speaking of trading services… Here at borterwagner photography, we love to trade services with other talented professionals. Our original identity was created by Chris and Alison DeYoung. Here’s a sample of their scaled down but totally up scale wedding. [more] The reception was held

      • Logo, Courtney & Matt's Wedding at Sand Creek Country Club

        You all may have noticed our new logo. Well, maybe not so new, it’s been in use for almost a year now, how time flies! Our client Courtney Korpak who is a fabulously talented designer in Atlanta brought the design to us. Incidentally, her husband, Matt Korpak was the man behind g

      • Bride’s Choice Awards 2009

        Johnny and I were thrilled to be awarded the 2009 Bride’s Choice Award presented by Wedding Wire. [more]

        This award recognizes vendors from the Wedding Wire Network who demonstrate excellent quality of service, responsiveness, professionalism, value of cost and flexibility.